Art Museums in London

London is one of the most popular destinations for art lovers as the city boasts a wide range of art galleries and museums that cover all styles of art as well as including the artworks of artists from all over the world. One of the other great things about the art galleries and art museums of London is that many of them offer free admission. Here are some of the best art museums in London that visitors should check out.

The National Gallery

This gallery proudly displays famous works of art that were created from the 13th century all the way up to the 19th century and some of the National Gallery’s many featured artists include Van Gogh, Botticelli, da Vinci, Constable, Turner and Renoir.

The Barbican Art Gallery

The Barbican Art GalleryThis major art gallery displays the work of a wide range of award winning artists and the exhibitions that are held at the Barbican Gallery are particularly interesting. Visitors will also want to make sure that they check out the Curve gallery, where they will be able to view a range of specially commissioned art.

The Tate Modern

A trip to the Tate Modern is a must for anyone who is interested in contemporary art visitors are sure to find plenty of interesting exhibitions here that will stir their soul and present a new way of thinking about art.

The National Portrait Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to presented portraits from around the globe and in fact houses the largest collection of portraits in the world. The collection includes the extremely rare portrait of William Shakespeare as well as a huge collection of portraits of English kings and queens that date all the way back to Tudor times.

The Royal Academy of Arts

This impressive art gallery was established in 1768 and includes a sculpture by Michelangelo and Queen Victoria’s paint box.