An Introduction to the Work of Kraser

Kraser is a Spanish artist who began painting when he was just twelve years. Kraser was inspired to create large murals using spray paint, although at the start of his career Kraser was content to use virtually any medium that he could find to create his works of art. Kraser used his unique style of art as a type of self expression and quickly became friends with a large number of people on the streets, many of who admired his vibrant artistic style.

These days, Kraser has gained a huge Krasernumber of fans all over the world. He dedicated many years especially at the start of his career to developing his own special artistic style and even creating a unique and striking abstract style of lettering that has provided his art with its own distinctive characteristic. The volumes and curved lines that can be admired in the letters are Kraser’s signature and are always present in the work that he creates. While there is often an abundant use of color in Kraser’s works, the artist has stated that color is not as important as the universal mood of the pieces.

However, color does play an important role in creating the mood of the pieces and can particularly be seen in Kraser’s dramatic use of gold and silver. Kraser has often stated in interviews that his main influences are artists such as Kandinsky and Picasso, while his specific style of drawing has been influenced by surrealist artists such as Keith Haring, Miró and Mersad Berber

Kraser lives in the city of Milan and creates paintings in the three main areas of Series Doms, Fracciones and Macricosmos Versus Miscrocosmos. The Fracciones is Kraser’s most intimate style and is used to create a uniquely small and limited environment. These days Kraser prefers to work in and mixture of acrylic and oil with pencil.