About the Artist Augustine Kofie

The prominent artist Augustine Kofie was born in the city of Los Angeles and discovered his love for art at a very early age. While he was just a child, Kofie’s mother studied fine art at UCLA and this meant that art supplies were often scattered all around his house. Kofie took advantage of this and started using these art supplies to experiment on his own projects.

By the time that he reached middle school, Augustine Kofie was a very accomplished sketch artist, although his style only really took off when he joined the Los Angeles graffiti scene in the mid 1990s. Graffiti and later street art provided Kofie with the freedom to fully experiment with color and space and gain recognition from fellow graffiti artists.

Kofie’s work has been inspired by the geometric world and in his artwork he puts these easily recognizable shapes into a soulful background. The result is artwork that provides an intriguingly mathematical form of abstraction. Kofie’s artwork reflects his roots in graffiti as well as his love for illustration, with form and line, balance and depth and dramatic use of color and space being among the key elements.

AugustinAugustine Kofiee Kofie’s very first exhibitions were held in the mid 1990s in various different venues throughout California such as the UCLA Wadsworth Theater, Vision Theater in Leimert Park, the Los Angeles Old County Jail and Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. These primary exhibitions were collaborations with other artists and in 2001 Kofie was granted his first solo exhibition.

Although Kofie mostly works in Los Angeles these days, his artwork can be seen all over the world. As his popularity has grown, his art has led him to hold exhibitions in a whole host of major cities including San Francisco, New York, Santa Monica and Phoenix as well as Tokyo, Kobe, Mexico City, Hiroshima, Kushiro City, Melbourne, Munich and Vancouver.