The Impressive Artwork of Skount

Skount is the artistic identity of Jerez de la Frontera, who was born in Spain in 1985. Skount’s special style of artwork is inspired by the classic theatrical performances from his hometown and the masked characters that draw art lovers into the playful and mysterious dreamscapes that they live in.

Skount’s artistic background is specifically in street art and a large number of his early pieces of artwork can be found decorating the buildings of his Spanish hometown. While the artist enjoys experimenting with a number of different styles of art and themes, masks have always had special fascination and significance for him and he often returns to the conception of masks through his artwork.

Skount’s interest The Impressive Artwork of Skountin the cultures of other countries has led him to travel around the world in search for knowledge and inspiration. His fun and colorful artwork has gained international acclaim and he has exhibited his artwork in a large number of countries around the globe including England, China, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the USA and Mexico. As Skount has noticed during his travels, masks have an important place in a large number of different cultures. Skout seeks to reflect this conception in his artwork by giving his colorful characters a number of different cultural settings that perfectly fit their unique theme mood.

Skount is now based in Amsterdam, where he is involved in a whole host of different types of projects. One of the most striking things about Skout’s artwork is that his masked characters are fully developed and even appear to have their own unique characteristics and histories. Because of this conception his characters can be used in a wide range of different ways and also applied to a variety of different types of projects.

As Skount’s appeal and recognition continues to grow internationally, his collection of characters that he is able to draw upon also grows and these characters have become enchantingly familiar to people who appreciate his work.