What Makes Hopare so Special

Prominent French artist Hopare was born Alexandre Monteiro, and currently lives in Paris. In just a few years this inspiring and imaginative artist has managed to make big waves in the European art scene with his enchanting images that leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Hopare’s body of artwork embraces a mixture of the abstract and the figurative the artist dynamically highlights the concepts of Italian futurists through his artwork. Hopare’s colorful artwork dramatiartist Hoparecally contrasts with the stark, grey streets that he often uses as a backdrop to display his work and brings a splash of color and imagination to those stark city scenes.

Hopare utilizes color in a very interesting way and covers the bold span of color in a range of black lines to create a fractured and yet strangely familiar effect. The artist’s murals are so dramatic and detailed that they seem to fly right off the walls that they are painted in and have life of their own. Hopare uses a wide range of different kinds of media to produce his artwork, competently changing between different kinds of media as the artwork and the situation demands.

Like any established artist, Hopare’s artistic style is constantly evolving, although his style is so arresting that his fans will be able to recognize his artwork when they encounter it, no matter which form it takes.

Although only in his twenties, Hopare has already gained a certain amount of fame. His work can often be seen displayed in special exhibitions throughout the city of Amsterdam and in other prominent establishments in Europe. The vibrant and modern nature of Hopare’s artwork is perfectly captured in these exhibitions, providing a real visual treat for art lovers. The strong visual element of Hopare’s artwork is often complimented in these exhibitions by musical sets and other dramatic elements that are put together especially for the event.